White House Facing Pressure to Release Biden’s Medical Details

The various issues and questions regarding Joe Biden’s health predate his presidency. Even when Biden was first running for president, questions arose about his mental state and his fitness to lead the nation.

Since getting into the White House as president, these questions and concerns have only worsened. Biden reportedly relieved himself in his pants and needed a change of clothes while visiting the Pope.

Furthermore, Biden’s been caught telling the media that he will get in “trouble” if he answers too many of their questions. This comes on top of Biden looking away from the camera when questioned and even putting his head in his head when reporters pressed him on issues.

Now, the White House is facing renewed pressure to release Biden’s medical details to the public, as reported by Townhall.

Why Won’t the White House Release Biden’s Bill of Health?

When Trump was in office, the presidential doctor shared details with the public at length about the health of the then-president. This has yet to happen with Biden, despite him being in office for just about one year now.

Ronny Jackson, a former White House doctor turned congressman, is one of the folks calling for the White House to release the current president’s medical details.

Rep. Jackson honed in on Biden’s struggles to field questions from the media; he stated that if the president struggles with this, then it’s questionable to believe he can handle himself in the presence of foreign leaders.

The former White House doctor then made a point of noting the American public has a right to know about whether Biden’s health is up to par for him to lead the United States.

Thus far, the White House continues to remain tight-lipped about this, provoking even more concerns and suspicions. Despite what the Biden administration may be hoping, simply not talking about the president’s health status will not make questions or speculations about it disappear.

The 25th Amendment

There is a theory floating around that Democrats will eventually invoke the 25th Amendment against Biden if he becomes too much of a liability for their party.

Thus far, Biden’s increasingly becoming a weight on the Democrats; his approval ratings are hurting leftist candidates (like failed Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe) and making it more likely that Republicans win the midterm elections.

Meanwhile, over seven in ten Americans do not believe Biden’s leadership has put the United States on the proper track. At this point, it’s only a matter of time to see whether or not the Democrats try to throw Biden overboard if he continues on his current course.

Why do you think the White House is refusing to release medical information about the president of the United States? We’d be delighted to learn your theories below in the comments section.