White House Forced to Contradict Biden’s Remarks on Supply Chain Woes

It has become readily obvious that President Biden doesn’t have a single clue on how to fix the supply chain woes currently facing the United States. Apparently, Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg doesn’t have a clue, either.

Thus far, all the American public has gotten from the Biden administration is one excuse after the other. Biden first claimed just letting truck drivers move goods on the road during odd hours could fix things. Then, Buttigieg falsely proclaimed supply chain issues boil down to high demand for goods.

Yesterday, Biden participated in a CNN town hall. As usual when Biden speaks, he embarrassed himself during this event. Now, the White House is left trying to clean up the mess, as Fox News has drawn attention to.

Biden’s Newest Remarks on the Supply Chain Crisis

On Thursday, Biden spoke about having the National Guard step in to handle the supply chain crisis. After stating the need to get ships unloaded, Biden said he would “positively” and “absolutely” use the National Guard as a means of relieving supply chain bottlenecks.

Needless to say, the White House seems to have a very different account. Following the president’s statements during the CNN town hall, the White House communicated to the network that governors are the ones who have the say on how the National Guard is used.

Later, the White House also confirmed to CNN that they’re not looking at use of the National Guard on a federal level at this time. It’s also important to note that yesterday is not the first time the White House under this administration has been forced to do damage control.

No Solutions or Accountable Leadership

Quite frankly, seeing the disastrous leadership in the Oval Office right now is an embarrassment. Biden does not know what he’s doing and he does not have any solutions to reverse the many disasters he’s created since getting into office.

America needs accountable leadership. Right now, this is lacking. That explains why Biden’s approval ratings on the economy and other matters keep getting lower. It’s also why Independent voters are not pleased with Biden.

Empty shelves are becoming more common, thanks to the supply chain crisis of Biden’s making. The president of the United States, despite his claims to the contrary, is absolutely lacking a plan to handle the current crisis.

Multiple Republican lawmakers wrote to the president earlier this week, urging him to handle the supply chain crisis. GOP lawmakers also noted that Biden needs to stop hurting the private sector with unemployment handouts and COVID vaccine mandates.

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