White House Looking to Steer Attention Away from Afghanistan Crisis

Afghanistan is in shambles right now, thanks to the Biden administration. This has implications on America because our leading military-grade weapons are now in the hands of the Taliban. Furthermore, America is less safe on the world stage.

Biden wants the country to forget about the mess he created. He wants Americans to forget that his hasty pullout led to the rise of a terrorist organization and the deaths of 13 Marines.

He wants Americans to forget that even now, citizens and allies of the United States are stuck in Afghanistan and being brutalized by the Taliban. This is why the White House currently plans to publicly pivot talks in a different direction, as Washington Examiner confirms.

A Disgraced Biden Administration

At this point, the Biden administration is nothing short of a disgrace, headed by a feckless president. In an effort to distract Americans from the very real ongoing problems in Afghanistan, the White House is planning to roll out talks about student debt relief, tax credit for first-time home buyers, etc.

When speaking to the press, the White House declared that Biden is “proud” of his agenda to “build back better.” The White House also made a point of noting that issues like climate change are what they aim for the country to direct its attention to.

It’s very unfortunate that the Biden administration doesn’t want to address the situation in Afghanistan. Biden broke his promise to get out all Americans; however, outright dishonesty from this president and administration are par for the course.

Biden wants to sweep Afghanistan and the subsequent fallout under the rug. Thankfully, Americans are going to keep holding this president’s feet to the fire.

Saving American Lives

It is absolutely reprehensible that the Biden administration has abandoned Americans. The White House spoke loosely about a plan to keep evacuating Americans, even with all troops out; however, there’s seems to be no execution.

As a matter of fact, there are reports of the State Department actually blocking private flights from rescuing American citizens and allies. The president and his administration, of course, will not address this matter.

Apparently, the White House believes that having Biden give useless speeches about climate change and student loans will make everything OK. Until American citizens and allies are out of a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, this is what should be getting the full-time attention of the Biden administration.

It is unfortunate that we have a president in office who has no shame or qualms about leaving Americans to die at the hands of terrorists.

What do you think about the Biden administration seeking to make Americans forget about the situation in Afghanistan? We want to know what your views are below in the comments section.