White House Loses Communications Chief of Staff

At this point in Biden’s presidency, it is very much apparent his White House is in disarray. Already, rumors exist the White House has decided to make Kamala Harris, the vice president, the fall person for the administration’s predicaments.

Additional reports show the Biden administration has an interest in booting Harris out as vice president altogether. On top of this, just last week, Harris’ communications director announced her resignation; however, the aide won’t formally step down until next month.

Between low approval ratings and the nation increasingly turning against Democrat leadership, the Biden administration has some very real problems. Yet, now, reports are in that White House communications chief of staff Emma Riley has stepped down from her post, as Breitbart News documents.

What to Know About Riley’s Resignation

On Friday afternoon, Emma Riley announced via Twitter her resignation as the communications chief of staff for Biden’s White House. Riley stated she felt privileged and honored to work with the Biden administration.

Nevertheless, the aide is leaving her post to instead work with the Labor Department. This will involve Riley having direct contact with Marty Walsh, the U.S. Secretary of Labor. Riley’s additionally going to be doing quite a bit of traveling across the United States.

Riley, like other aides in Biden’s White House, has a long history of working for Democrats in various capacities. She previously served as an organizing director for Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016.

Other elements of Riley’s resume include working for the Biden-Harris campaign as the deputy communications director and being the associate press secretary for Walsh during his mayoral term in Boston, Massachusetts.

Which Domino Will Fall Next?

With Harris’ communications director resigning last week and the White House losing its communications chief of staff, one can only wonder who will be the next person to resign.

Months ago, rumors arose about White House press secretary Jen Psaki wanting to step down from her post around the start of 2022. Only time will tell whether or not the press secretary turns in her resignation to the White House within the next several weeks.

The White House is trying its best to make the public believe all is well on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; however, the American public isn’t stupid. CNN’s report last weekend, coupled with White House aides jumping ship, clearly indicates real issues.

A big factor in all of this could be the president and vice president’s low approval ratings. Perhaps aides working for the Biden administration are gradually deciding that now is the time to get out while the getting is good.

What do you think about the stream of White House aides choosing to resign from their posts? Let us know who you think will step down next in the comments section below.