White House Makes New Moves to Enact More Gun Control

The Democrat Party has been driving the gun control agenda for quite some time. However, in light of Democrats simultaneously being soft on crime, they’re pushing up the demand for firearms, rather than lessening it.

Gun purchases have surged significantly over the past several years. Rises in crime and social unrest have played a role in this. Nevertheless, Democrats are still running with the narrative that more gun control is imperative for a safe society.

Communities like New York City are seeing unprecedented increases in crime. This is not due to firearms (New York City actually has very strong anti-gun laws in place), but rather it’s due to the harebrained decision to defund the NYPD.

However, as the capital city of New York deals with a crime crisis of its own making, the Biden administration has seized the opportunity to push for more gun control, according to Breitbart News.

The Latest from the White House on Gun Control

One of the top new gun controls the Biden administration seeks to bring forth is the National Ghost Gun Enforcement Initiative.

This particular agenda has the professed goals of cracking down against the criminal use of ghost guns and targeting dealers who unlawfully sell guns to folks without conducting legally mandated background checks.

Of course, the White House is framing all of this as an attempt to stop criminals from using firearms; however, no one should be fooled by this.

During his 2020 campaign, Biden was extremely hostile towards gun manufacturers, professing his mission to bring them down. Likewise, since being in office, the president has declared multiple times there are no constitutional amendments that are “absolute.”

This doesn’t even get into Biden’s track record of being extremely hostile towards the National Rifle Association and lawful gun owners in general.

This latest initiative from the White House is nothing more than a stepping stone to penalizing legal firearms owners for the illegal deeds of rogue criminals.

The Lies Behind the Empty Rhetoric

Biden talks up these gun control measures as critical steps to cutting back on crime. However, if this president was really serious about ending crime, he’d be focusing on lawbreakers, not firearms.

The reality is that as long as Democrats continue to attack cash bail, defund law enforcement, and allow violent offenders back onto the streets, crime will persist.

Biden’s rhetoric contending that no amendment in the US Constitution is “absolute” merely goes to show his endgame is eroding gun rights. After all, Biden, by his own admission, believes Glock pistols are “weapons of war” that can carry 40 rounds.

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