White House to Present Transportation-focused Stimulus Package

"210210-D-BN624-0298" (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Secretary of Defense

The Biden administration does not have a great track record when it comes to passing stimulus packages. 

Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, taxpayer dollars are going to fund liberal projects across the nation. Democrats, who continue to laud the Biden-backed American Rescue Plan, won’t acknowledge that fewer than 10% of capital within the $1.9 trillion stimulus package is centered around COVID-19 relief. 

“210210-D-BN624-0931” (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Secretary of Defense

However, despite this administration’s horrific track record with passing stimulus packages, there is a new one on the horizon. According to Newsmax, the Biden administration will announce a new transportation-centered stimulus package tomorrow. 

What to Expect from the Transportation Stimulus Package

The central focus of President Biden’s transportation stimulus package will be the repair of infrastructure across the nation. According to United Steelworkers President Tom Conway, the infrastructure package will focus on funding repairs for dams, bridges, roads, and waterways across the nation. 

Conway has been in direct communication with the Biden administration. As such, the United Steelworkers president believes that a “long-term investment” will be necessary to maximize the impact of the transportation stimulus package that Biden presents before the nation on Wednesday. 

Finally, in Conway’s public remarks, he expressed hope that Republican and Democrat lawmakers will manage to get on board with an infrastructure-focused package. According to the president of United Steelworkers, the nation’s infrastructure is used by everyone, regardless of where they stand politically. 

How Will Biden Pay for the New Stimulus Package?

Big spending, no matter the consequences, is the way of the Democrat Party. However, while infrastructure is not mutually exclusive to party lines, there is a strong likelihood that Republicans and Democrats will disagree on the appropriate means to fund this stimulus package. 

The Biden administration just got done floating around a mileage tax as a possible means of funding the package. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg saw no issues with this, even as gas prices rise and many Americans struggle to survive. Only after Americans pushed back against the notion of a mileage tax did the Transportation Secretary back down. 

There is no doubt that the Biden administration will push to raise taxes on the American people as a means of paying for this new stimulus package. 

How do you think the Biden administration will present the transportation-focused stimulus package to the American public? Let us know your thoughts and expectations in the comments section below.