White House Tries to Explain Away Biden’s Terrible Poll Numbers

President Biden’s tenure in the White House is a trainwreck the American public is forced to watch. On every single pressing issue (from the supply chain crisis to inflation, immigration, public safety, COVID, and more), Biden has completely shown his lack of fitness to lead.

As time passes, it appears this president doesn’t know which way is up or down. He professes to be building back better, yet the nation under his leadership is facing problems that didn’t exist a year ago.

Countless polls have shown Biden’s overall approval ratings falling. Hispanic voters, women, Independents, and others are growing increasingly disillusioned with this president.

As the low poll numbers keep piling up for Biden, the White House is now trying to explain it all away, as Fox News confirms.

The White House on Biden’s Terrible Poll Numbers

FiveThirtyEight, Rasmussen Reports, and countless other pollsters have revealed horrific approval ratings for this president less than one year into his term. There’s no feasible way to dress this up and make it look like Biden’s doing a good job; however, the White House tried anyway.

During a press briefing, press secretary Jen Psaki claimed the ongoing lack of approval for Biden is due to the reality of America still battling COVID. Psaki also noted Americans (and the Biden administration) apparently thought COVID would be over and done with by this time.

Obviously, this is not true. Polls have shown Americans disapproving of how Biden’s handling not just COVID, but also the economy. Another recent survey by Rasmussen Reports shows that 65% of the country thinks it’s critical for Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to keep resisting Biden’s agenda in Congress.

Ultimately, Americans can see this for what it is. The public sees this, even though the White House wants to change the narrative.

Increasingly Worse Polls to Come?

At this time, it’s very reasonable to assume increasingly worse polls will come regarding Biden’s presidency. Biden is not shifting gears from the actions that have caused ongoing declines of support.

As support for Biden progressively gets lower, he just keeps on digging in his heels. It shows a certain disconnect and refusal on the president’s end to get real and pay attention to what the American people are saying.

Biden’s actions don’t bode well for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, either. The Democrat Party has completely overplayed its hand in a number of regards. This administration is only paving the way for Republicans to regain the majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

What do you think about the White House’s explanation for Biden’s continuously declining poll numbers? We’d love to read your insight in the comments section below.