Why Dems want Biden to stay in his basement


Terry McAuliffe was the campaign chairman for Hillary in 2016. McAuliffe has failed up, currently, he is a top aide to Joe Biden, and has promised that this time, it will be different, blaming Hillary’s failure on the FBI’s interest in her illegal email server. Never mind that Biden’s involvement in illegally starting the Russiagate soft coup attempt is currently under investigation, that he has multiple international corruption scandals from his time as VP, a revolting track record with women, and is in obvious late-life cognitive decline.

Top Biden aide reports that leading Dems are happy to keep Biden in his basement


McAuliffe is so confident that ‘this time it will be different,’ that a recording of him telling Virginia Democrats that Biden should remain locked in his basement has emerged. McAuliffe expressed the sentiment as being not only a personal one but one shared by most leading Democratic officials.

Despite Biden’s unusually limited campaign appearances, every time he opens his mouth, he either fails to string a coherent sentence together or makes a serious gaffe. Recently, he has said that African Americans who don’t vote for him ‘ain’t black’ and referred to ‘unarmed protesters with knives.’
McAuliffe has claimed that Biden is focusing on six battleground states from his basement HQ through conference calls with Democratic governors and other supporters. They are focusing on trying to compete with Trump on social media. On Twitter, the president has 88 million followers.

Biden’s gaffes and cognitive decline bode ill for November

Biden’s track record on violent crime puts him in an uneasy position regarding his attempt to win over young progressive Democrats, who are now supporting the bizarre movement to defund all police. Biden was a major force behind the 1994 crime bill much loathed by African Americans, and a critic of the crime policies of previous administrations that he felt weren’t harsh enough. Biden has recently publically said he is against defunding the police. Biden and the Democratic party have also struggled to distance themselves from party members and volunteers who have expressed support for the violence and rioting that has been a part of the current nationwide protests.

Polls currently show Biden with a slight lead over Trump, but history shows it takes more than that to unseat an incumbent. Meanwhile, John Durham’s investigation into the origins of Russiagate is proceeding in the background, with indictments expected by November. Evidence has already mounted up of how key players in the Obama-Biden administration conspired to undermine Trump to cover up their corruption and self-enrichment in Ukraine and elsewhere.