Why Embracing Cashless Stores Is a Mistake

Why Embracing Cashless Stores Is a Mistake

(WatchDogNews.org) – We all know that the world is a changing place. Thanks to technology, the way we live has evolved at a mind-boggling rate. Amazingly, even the cold, hard cash in your wallet is now in danger of becoming obsolete.

Cashless Stores

Cashless stores are a new craze that’s spreading across the country and it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Can you imagine going to buy a cup of coffee and being told that you can’t pay for it with cash?

More and more businesses are hopping on the cashless bandwagon. But is this a good thing or not? With so many alternate ways to pay, many people don’t even carry money on them anymore. However, there are also just as many people who don’t want to be dependent on credit cards.

Local Governments Fight Back

Do cashless stores violate our personal liberties? A lot of people say yes and local governments seem to agree. New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia and New York City all passed laws in 2019 outlawing these stores in their cities.

Legislators argue that cashless stores discriminate against people who choose not to use banks and prefer cash over other forms of payment. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), almost one-quarter of Americans don’t have a savings or checking account.

Pew Research explains that “lower-income households, less-educated households, younger households, African-American and Latino households, working-age disabled households, and households with volatile income” are the people most likely to not have bank accounts or credit cards.

That means these citizens are totally unable to access goods or services at cashless stores. However, the problems with cashless stores go far deeper than just preventing the most vulnerable segments of the population from accessing the goods they offer.

Big Brother is already watching. Anyone who’s a fan of crime shows knows that our credit card transactions are easily tracked by the government. Cashless stores give authorities unprecedented access to your information. Not to mention how often credit card companies are hacked and your personal information is stolen in the process.

Congress is currently considering two bills, the “Cash Always Should Be Honored Act” and the “Payment Choice Act of 2019,” that would prohibit cashless stores at the federal level. Essentially, these bills would require any business with a brick and mortar storefront to accept cash.

Deyanira Del Rio, co-executive director of the New Economy Project, spoke at a House Financial Services Committee hearing last month.

“It’s about choice,” Payne said. People should not be forced to use a card or app if they prefer money. They should have the right to pay with any legal tender and the government should protect them.

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