Will Obama & Biden be prosecuted for framing Flynn?


This week, the DOJ has released new documents in the Michael Flynn case, including the personal handwritten notes of the FBI agent responsible for the case, Michael Strzok. Strzok’s notes appear to confirm that Obama and Biden played a key role in pursuing legal action against Flynn even after the FBI found no evidence of wrongdoing. Biden later claimed to know nothing about the Flynn case.
The notes were released on Tuesday. This represents a major delay after prior DOJ officials dragged their heels for many months despite having been ordered to release all relevant documents to Flynn’s legal team.

Released docs show that Obama & Biden directed the perjury trap, lied about it

Strzok’s notes show that Obama personally directed then-FBI Director James Comey to investigate Flynn over his routine phone call with the Russian ambassador during the transition period. The notes also show that the Obama administration withheld vital information from Trump’s team during the transition process. That information involved the research secretly funded by the Clinton campaign that alleged that Trump had colluded with Russia. The FBI found the research to be worthless, as it found Flynn’s calls to be perfectly legal. Nevertheless, Obama officials pressed ahead with investigating both.

According to an email that then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates wrote to herself during the transition process, “President Obama said he wants to be sure that, as we engage with the incoming team, we are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason that we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia.”

The newly released notes show that Obama was personally directing the Flynn investigation.
In the notes, Obama is recorded as saying, “Make sure you look at things and have the right people on it.”The notes also clearly show that Comey considered Flynn’s phone call with the Russian ambassador to be “legit.”

Most revealing from the notes is the fact that Joe Biden explicitly brought up the Logan Act. That is a law from over 200 years ago, that is meant to prevent individuals from masquerading as American diplomats. It has never been invoked. This law was used to pursue Flynn. Biden had denied knowing anything about the case, announcing in a 2017 interview on ABC that “I know nothing about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn.”

Those top Obama officials present at the key meeting on how to frame Michael Flynn have given testimonies on what happened during the meeting, often contradicting one another, apparently to protect their bosses.

Durham’s investigation may lead to prosecutions

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Meanwhile, John Durham’s investigation into the corrupt targeting of Trump and his administration by the outgoing Obama team is proceeding despite challenges posed by the coronavirus lockdown. Attorney General William Barr has stated that the outcome of the investigation will hinge on who wins the November election, even in the face of clear evidence of wrongdoing by top officials.

The judge presiding over the Flynn case has close ties to the Democrats. He is keeping many of the DOJs released documents under seal. He also refused to dismiss the case when the DOJ moved to drop the charges, an extraordinary move. Yesterday, a federal appeals court ordered him to dismiss the case.