Workers Still Suffering in Biden’s America


Biden’s America is a dystopian nightmare consisting of unlawful mandates, social division, open borders, and a series of public policy disasters. This is readily apparent less than one year into the Biden presidency.

The Biden administration is still sticking with the flagrant falsehood that all of this somehow amounts to them building back better. This couldn’t be further from reality; moreover, polls show the majority of Americans aren’t falling for this cockamamie story either.

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Of all Biden’s screw ups since getting into the White House as president, the state of the economy is most indicative of his massive failures. Now, Breitbart News details the extent to which workers are suffering in Biden’s America.

Hard Knocks

The Labor Department recently revealed the 1.3% employment cost index from the most recent quarter. The problem, however, is that while paychecks and wages rose just by 4.2% in a 12 month timeline ending last month, inflation skyrocketed by 5.4% over the same time period.

This means workers are still losing out to inflation in Biden’s America. The White House frequently touts the number of jobs that have gone up since this president took office; what they aren’t mentioning is many of these jobs simply entail folks going back to work after lockdowns.

Furthermore, the Labor Department admits once inflation is taken into account, Americans’ wages have actually declined by 1.1%. This number is about to get worse, seeing as Biden and Democrat governors and mayors are pushing COVID vaccine mandates that are getting people fired or causing them to quit their jobs.

Unfortunately, the hard knocks in Biden’s America are likely to continue, unless drastic changes happen. This administration ruins everything it touches; then, it turns around and claims to be rebuilding the United States.

A Failed Agenda

What’s happening now is President Biden’s idea of “building back better,” a reality that’s quite frankly very terrifying for the country. Already existing shortages in different workforce sectors are projected to increase, due to vaccine mandates.

Furthermore, inflation is ruining working people and making their money less valuable. To add insult to injury, the Biden administration is trying to pass more spending bills that will do even more damage to the economy.

They’re also working to raise taxes, something that will be just another nail in the coffin of working people. It’s very clear this president and this White House are completely aloof and wildly in denial about the failure of their public policy.

They should all be swiftly removed from power and replaced with sensible, competent leaders who know what they’re doing.

What do you think about the negative impact the Biden presidency is having on the economy and American workers? We’d appreciate your feedback in the comments field down below.